26 weird Things that when you see it you will say: “Give me two, please”

The designers are thinking how to make the everyday things to be more comfortable and more interesting. And sometimes just more fun, to add color to the routine.

Great.guru made for you a selection of unusual ideas, that by looking at we wonder how is it possible that we lived without all this beauty.

Charger for mobile phone in the form of a bracelet with style

Mat input for those who want always to be accurate at all

The umbrella under which you can hide

Flash memory that shows how much space you have left

This bag for pizza is as simple as it is brilliant

How to convert a regular bicycle into a magical

Patch of microfiber that you don’t have to search for how to wipe your glasses or the screen of your mobile

Lamp that looks like a tree steaming

Hearing aids for those who prefer the noise of the sea to any music

Grater for those who have always dreamed of being guitarists

What else would those teeth the dinosaurs?

A cup to measure to show the marks up to if you tilt

Watch Fibonacci for lovers of puzzles

With these spoons you will not be bored waiting for it to finally boil the water

When you are a gamer and lover of books

Kit of tools in a box in the form of the hammer of Thor. A perfect gift for a lover of comic books.

This lamp in the shape of a pencil will enhance any interior

These sweets are cosmic

Magnetic fastener of cookies in your milk

Now you can charge your phone by training the muscles

This clock displays 24 hour

Finally, someone created it!

Toothpaste that has two holes

Every kitten should have a ladder

Some cards are minimalist, but what a beautiful!

Sweater christmas where you can make a fireplace “live”, using your mobile

How often do you purchase things that are not so necessary just because its unusual design has achieved or has made you smile?

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