26 Customs that can go crazy any

Surely among your friends and family, there are those who are not afraid to be original in matters of greater day-to-day. What is most curious is that the things that most of us seem to be rare, they will make it practical and comfortable.

Great.guru gathered some customs silly of the others that day after day break the harmony in this fragile world. Share in the comments your findings: the world should know about these inventors of sloths.

“The desk of a friend. In some strange way manages to find everything in there”

“My boyfriend asked me to try my ice cream”

“My wife does this every damn day”

“So this is how my wife opens everything”

“The footwear of my room neighbor”

“Never, never give stations as well”

My neighbor always does this

“My friend took a picture of his beloved health care”

“My friend is a terrible person: opens the pills at random”

“Why leave the shell in the egg basket? I think I married a savage”

“So this is how our teacher clean the blackboard”

“The person who cut the cake of cheese as well cease to exist for me!”

“My mom has the record of the unread emails, seriously”

“My husband glued this thing in there where I can’t reach it just to annoy me. Oh and it works!”

“People think I’m weird because the first thing I like in a pizza is the dough”

“I married a monster!”

The way caveman eating a Kit-Kat

“How my dad opens the crackers”

“The wallet of my 9 year old son”

The master of the parking lot

“The most bizarre way to eat an ice cream that I have ever seen”

“My neighbor stuck to his mobile, this protective film”

“The anarchy of the donuts: a companion decided to try a little of each,”

“I believe that this kind of customs should be prohibited in the contract of marriage”

“I saw this on the desk of a colleague”

“This guy spent the entire flight”

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