26 Photos which you can see the joy and pain of young parents

The happiness there is. Eats, sleeps, drinks, smiles and cries, or runs as a hurricane throughout the house. How not to love such small hands, feet, eyes? How can you not melt with the hug, detached from the children? Not all of them have a rich experience of communication with young children, but many Internet users voluntarily share pictures of situations that young parents face at the beginning.

Great.guru collected for you 26 photos of the life of the mothers and fathers who are just testing themselves in their new role.

“This is how to start my 9 weeks of paternity leave. It is impossible to be more happy!”

At the beginning, all have a little bit of fear…

Patron saint of newborns

To be mother means to support your child-literally and figuratively

Even when children are not in the mood

“My niece started crying when my sister took his hand from his chest. Had to replace his hand with a bottle of muddled equal weight”

“My husband’s face on the first day of your fatherhood”

The father must always be prepared for the experiments of the children with paintings

And to receive congratulations creative colleagues for the paternity

The first rule of a young father is to cover the child’s head

“Our cat protects our newborn son in all possible ways and not like we are bathing”

“I came home and all my boys were sleeping”

“I asked my brother how he behaved to my niece. He sent this to me”

“I don’t know what to say of my accomplishments in the breeding, but in the balance I’m definitely very good”

When you become a mother, you acquire multiple superpowers

But learning together is always very fun

“Introduction to mathematical analysis for infants”.

To become a parent doesn’t mean you should give up your favorite hobby

But sometimes you have to sacrifice your own comfort

But, oh, how many interesting things await you!

Even if sometimes the children you dizzy

It is very important that your pets and children can find a common language

And then you’ll be able to trust each other

It pays to be prepared for the children not to leave you in peace even for a second. Even when you work in a basement

Or just want to bathe in

But you’ll always thank you with love and care

“My 4 year old daughter picked flowers and made me a bouquet. I’m so happy!”

And so you see the true joy of being a father: a father found this note in a bag during a business trip

“Dear daddy, you Can play with my elephant. I love you, good morning, good night, sweet dreams. I love you to the moon and back. And bring me another memory. With love, your kid”.

What happy times and disturbing you can think of your parenting?

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