26 Photos that prove that some people got lucky more

If you look at the luck from the point of view of statistics, without forgetting that our world is huge, it will be clear that it is a fairly common phenomenon. Each day, hundreds of thousands of people on the planet are lucky.

And we in Great.guru got together 26 stronger evidence of that. At the end of the article, I expected the most poignant of luck.

Surely the owner could not believe his happiness

Not a scratch

This is what balance means

The important thing now is to open the closet with care

When you enter a store and all the boxes are open

“At the local store made me a donut from all the mass that is left over”.

The driver was very lucky to have been with life

Well you see the luck

Saved by little…

“My luck knows no bounds”.

“Always I was afraid that my keys were to fall into the elevator shaft and this was what happened recently.”

I hope all the French fries they were so

It’s like winning a jack pot!

Cookie triple

When really you have luck on your exam

I clover 5 sheets!

“I had never seen lemons so large.”

The reality exceeded my expectations

A few inches more and…

“My chocolate has no waffle. And it’s great!”.

Banana mutant

It is not even a drop in the cap

“It seems that a squirrel fell from the tree. But she got up as if nothing, and went”.

All fingers are well

I had never seen an avocado with a bone so tiny

It is the happiest day of your life

How often do you have luck? Tell us about the best luck or unusual that you’ve had.

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