26 Photos that show the first time is always unforgettable

Everything happens for the first time. The first trip, the first success, the first win or the first encounter. But with age, these moments will be reduced, that this storm of emotions will always be within our hearts.

Great.guru collected 27 photographs for you in which you joy and wonder by doing something new, exceeding the limits. At the end of the article you expect a bonus that shows that the first encounter can happen twice.

This woman was the first to run 10 miles with the support of a police

Children of Kenya saw for the first time to a blond man

First night at home after months of living on the street

The girl, for the first time see a train

“I showed the glasses of virtual reality to the dealer of food and it seems that will not go away soon”

For the first time I’m on a boat

“My first steps after the operation on the spine. It was the day that my life changed forever”

“I bought my first house. It seems that I have everything you need”

“My son was born at 24 weeks. In this photo is the first time that I have it in my hands”

The first trip on the metro

“My grandfather color-blind for the first time you see color thanks to a few special lenses”

Love at first sight

“My daughter caught her first fish.”

The first encounter with the ocean

This cat came out for the first time to the street

The first trip behind the wheel

First meeting at the altar

The first kiss is often uncomfortable

First attempt family playing football

“The first meeting of my parents 35 years ago. Were found to play volleyball, and that moment was captured by a photographer”

A stranger helped to tie the tie of a guy on his first day of work

This long-awaited day arrived, our son for the first time went to the garden of children

Children of a province in China for the first time they see a guy red hair

“My newborn son is the first baby in a big family. Well you see your first Christmas”

My older daughter is home

First lenses

Bonus: on the eve of his wedding, the young people learned that their moms had been friends in their youth and their first meeting had been much before what they thought

Each one of us has poignant memories and fun. Is there any that is more valuable than others to you?

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