26 Photos that could have been ordinary had it not been for the reflexes that are seen in them

Most of the photos churning fantastic they would have looked trite if it were not for an angle unexpected or strong emotions. The same thing happens with the reflections. The presence of a mirrored surface turns the photo more mysterious and especially beautiful.

Great.guru joined 26 photos that were enhanced with the things that are reflected in them.

The reflection sometimes plays with our minds, by passing the common things for some other thing

The reflection of the sunset looks as if it were necessary to call the fire department.

And the chandeliers may seem like a magical castle light, just place your cup with coffee.

At the beginning, when you see this photo it seems that in a puddle reflects a starry sky, but in reality, it is gravel on the pavement.

Cookie dough placed on a table round looks like a cracker huge.

Photographers like use mirrored surfaces to obtain spectacular effects

The street of Boston is the oldest and the most attractive for photographers. View in a mirror.

There is a window to a parallel universe, it is not even a painting but a mirror.

If the bankruptcy the mirror by accident, forget about the “omens” of bad luck, and in time of 7 years of misfortune, you’ll be able to have a picture of the sunset beautiful.

The photos of the animals also love with its beauty and symmetry ideal

The bird is a kingfisher diving to get their food. The fotógafo needed to 4200 hours and 720 thousand shots to get this perfect image.

Does this squirrel drinks water, or kiss your reflection? It all depends on how you see this photo.

Flamenco in the sun.

A duck lost his balance on the ice.

Pets also starring some photos with reflections

It seems that this dog was walking on the water, but it is only an illusion. But, oh, what a beautiful it is!

In the eyes of this dog you can see the reflection of its owner, who took that photo.

A “citizen” common with a waterproof and its reflection in a puddle.

Natural landscapes + water = photo spectacular. The formula that never fails them to the photographers

The incredibly beautiful bridge Rakotzbrücke in Germany. A favorite place for many photographers.

Any construction becomes magical in the reflection of the water

Or in the reflection of some other building

Also we are transformed into the world through the mirror

It seems that everything around is full of magic when you see a mirrored surface

Sometimes the views in the photos are far too beautiful to be true. All thanks to the reflection

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