26 Photos that make you ask: “But what the hell is this?”

Sometimes human creativity and ingenuity is out of the limits of the common understanding and thus is born the circumstances more strange.

Great.guru gathered for you 26 photos where the plot twists makes you ask: “But what the hell is going on here?”.


Watching Me

Some guys very sexy

Looks very inviting, will there be mosquitoes?

A city of ice with a “special touch”

Are lost, and they decided to remove their map

I’m a blogger of food

Flashlights under the snow

Doggy Bun

When you exaggerate with your notes hidden

An idea for a startup

The fashion of our metro

It seems that somewhere, they are spraying

Are the one for the other

What happened to the photo of the wall?

You are using the space reserved for him, everything is in order

Super protection

The queen of the grapes

He changed his mind

This fungus looks like a doughnut and chocolate

A place to isolate yourself

What for?

I think that this guy looks a little sad

Do The Little Mermaid?


The art of walking nice

Have you ever seen oddities like?

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