26 Pets jealous that you chose your human and don’t think to share it with anyone else

Our pets are also our owners, and if they themselves chose a person, then do not share it with anyone.
Great.guru brought together 26 pets who are not afraid to show her feelings or fight for them. At the end of the article you’ll find how you see real jealousy.

1. It seems that this little puppy does not like that are not petting him.

2. “Every time I try to lie down in bed with my wife, he looks at me as well”.

3. “My dog likes my girl”.

4. “When I try to hug my boyfriend, the dog I take and occupy my place.”

5. This puppy does not understand how his owner can embrace to someone else.

6. “Each morning begins well, it seems to me that the cat tries to give me jealousy”.

7. The dog shows that he, too, enters into the seat and there is no need to have a child.

8. “This kitten not too long ago appeared in our home and already fell in love with my boyfriend.”

9. When you see your owner again petting another dog.

10. “I’ve never seen someone so in love as our kitten to my husband.”

11. “I think that since I don’t have opportunities for me to return to my wife.”

12. “My dog definitely likes my boyfriend.”

13. “It seems my son took the place of my dog.”

14. Do not try to get closer to each other.

15. “Our dog protects my husband when he reads the news who protects you? It seems to me.”

16. “With the emergence of a parrot in the house, the cat will not reject me.”

17. “This is the first thing that makes my husband when he arrives from work. I believed that I was his bunny”.

18. The animals have jealousy even of inanimate objects.

19. When you have gathered all of your toys, but it is missing two more important issues than they are with another dog.

20. “I saw how you lamiste!”

21. “Every time we try to take us by the hand”.

22. “You see, I can do it too!”

23. “Our pet does not want to give it to my husband.”

24. “No, I don’t see the cat that recently caressed”.

25. “This is a family photo, you don’t have to be here.”

Bonus. So you see the real jealousy.

And how to call your attention to your pets? I Cuentános in the comments!

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