26 Pets who went to the dark side

Disappearance of personal possessions, furniture and documents are damaged, complete disregard for any prohibition: it is only a brief list of what you need to address the owners of the pets. But the protagonists of our collection of photos of today have such a level of charisma that we are willing to forgive up to mischief bigger. And at the end of the article you will discover what they are able to dogs for food.

Great.guru has found pictures of animals that live by their own rules, and they don’t care what you think about it.

25. “I had two options: to save the food or take this picture”

24. “This is doctor Gray. Tries to make my job as difficult as possible”

23. When you think it is a great day, and then a pigeon decides to sit on your coffee

22. “Ordered by the department all day. Tired”

21. “My dog seems to be a security guard in a night club”

20. “Look what a beautiful dress you made me, why you’re not happy?”

19. “Human, I said that I need ALL the window!”

18. “I just wanted to get me a photo of my cat, but he decided that was a bad idea”

17. Caught with the hands in the dough

“I got into the trash in a bbq party and I ate hot dog. It was very tasty! Gracie”.

16. “I bought a sprayer for desacostumbrarla to bite everything”

15. Because, in the soul, all the kittens are a little climbers

14. It is for this reason that people who have dogs should always be on the alert. Especially when you are about to eat

13. “Since he came to Lily, our budget for paper towels has increased dramatically”

12. “And I that I wondered why this was the only plant that did not flower this summer”

11. This is what makes while you’re away from home

10. “My cat steals gummies for hair. Accidentally saw how she hides underneath the kitchen”

9. “What? What bread? I don’t understand what you’re talking about”

8. “Don’t bother, I’ll take it myself”

7. “You’re back already? Why so early?”

6. “What? I asked him: he said that he did not care”

5. “What other time by drinking coffee? I told him that it is bad for the health!”

4. “Oh, what are you playing? And I’m a little tired. I think I’ll go to bed for a while here”

3. What awaits you when you have a parrot

2. “I wanted to cherish my ’little angel’”

1. When you do not have a diploma of doctorate in Philosophy, because you have a dog

Bonus: “Just saw the wallet, and then everything is like in a nebula”

The owner of two labradors, Carol, returned home and found a note from the book: “I Was delivering the package when they got into my truck, found my lunch and ate an egg, a couple of carrots and pumpkin seeds. I hope that you do not have a sore tummy”. As apology, She sent the “victim”, a voucher valid for a lunch in a restaurant. And then opened an account in which shows the antics of her puppies.

What your pets do something similar? Send us your photos, and they will become the protagonists of our next collection.

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