26 Peculiarities of the female body that many girls are still unaware of

Sometimes we forget what a curious way is composed the human body. For example, if someone asks us now what is the difference between the body female of the male, likely the mind will be the things most obvious.

Great.guru collected 26 unusual facts of the female body that are capable of surprise to people of both sexes.

  • Women have more connection between the parts of the brain, as well as a body roughly, and thick that connects the left and right hemispheres. Thanks to this peculiarity they are more able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • The dream female is more sensitive, because during this time the brain activity does not decrease so much.
  • Both brain centers simultaneously assume the responsibility for the communication, that is why women without difficulty pronounced , up to 8 thousand words a day. In addition, they can submit up to 10 thousand non-verbal signals.
  • Women are geared worse than the men in the space. This is linked with that for these tasks you will need to enable several parts of the brain.
  • Often the high changes in the levels of stress increase the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • On average, women live longer than men, because their body is stronger to fight diseases.
  • Women distinguish better the colors than men, due to the presence of a chromosome-X additional.
  • As soon as a child turns 6 years old, your brain starts to weigh less than that of a child. This is not tied in with the intellectual level.
  • Women have more receptors painful, that’s why they feel an intense pain. However, due to the presence of higher levels of estrogen, in general they support it better than men.
  • The smell is feminine is more developed than that of men.
  • Women have a good vision peripheral, since the men have the vision of tunnel.
  • The women are willing to trust the people that they held for 15 seconds or more. Is related to the development of the oxytocin in the body, which emphasizes the feeling of confidence and resists the depressive state and emotional.
  • Women’s hair is twice as thin as that of the men.
  • In the muscles and ligaments women contain more elastin than collagen, and are therefore more flexible.
  • The neck of the woman is more movable. When they call the woman, she normally just turns his head. The men are turned over completely with the body.
  • The skin female is much more sensitive than the male.
  • Due to the presence of two X chromosomes, women seldom have difficulties and chronic diseases.
  • Often the stress of the feminine is accompanied with headaches, stomach problems and want to cry.
  • Women on average cry between 30 and 60 times a year and males between the ages of 6 and 17.
  • Women pestañean often approximately twice that of men, due to the presence of high levels of estrogen.
  • Women keep better memories of the past that men. In general this ability to remember is better developed in them.
  • Women have the immune system stronger.
  • Women distinguished best flavorson the tongue have more taste buds than men.
  • The frequency of the beats of the heart of women is more high than that of men, because a woman’s heart weighs less.
  • The women are willing to get used to other people. The parts of your brain that are responsible for the feeling of closeness are more developed. This is due to the presence of higher levels of oxytocin.
  • On average, the female body is composed of a 8-to 10-percent more tissue fatty as that of the man. The female breast in general don’t have muscle tissues.

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