26 lovely Dogs that worked hard to earn the title of good guy and they got

Dogs are the creatures most faithful of the Land. They are always willing to serve and help his owner and, in return, they just need a little love and often call them “good boy”.

Some of these “peluchitos” after hearing these words begin to work harder still and Cool.guru has collected a group of them. You try to see them without a smile, it will be impossible, they are irresistible!

1. Service

2. “What our owner has a business meeting? Nothing happens, we will wait here”

3. When all the year you were a good boy only to be an active part in the celebration of the wedding of your owners

4. “I’m recovering from an operation and he does not think to leave me alone not a minute”

5. Patiently waiting for his owner at the door of the bakery

6. “Failed to become a guide dog due to her excess of kindness. So now it is officially a good guy and my best friend”

7. This type works lamesellos in the post office

8. The only one who listened attentively to the flight attendant during the safety instructions before you start the flight

9. The dog most accommodating in the world

10. Has not fulfilled even their first year, but is already a helper at home

11. The good boy is already here, ready to save your life

12. When you know that the owner will not be able to do it without you

13. When you have been forbidden to climb on the bed and you’re a good guy, but this beats you

14. Walk with your owner

15. “I would advise you to invest in balls, surely will bring great benefits”

16. “My dog Paul and his pee on the floor, then tried to clean up himself”

17. “I stumbled upon on the plane with that nice boy who did well,”

18. “Who is a good chi…”

19. “Go with the new parents… If the baby is cold!”

20. The best doctor in the world

21. A good boy, ready for the start of the winter

22. “My dog has brought me today a piece of land. Your look tells me: ’I Thought it might be useful’”

23. When you just get out of the shelter for dogs and you want to serve it to your owners

24. “I had to come home for the jacket and it ’tied’ to the input. The return I met with my good boy”

25. This little charmer knows that in order for your owners to be happy, you must clean your feet before entering house

26. And then, God asked: “Who is a good guy?”

Bonus: when the owner asks who is a good guy and you already know who it is

And how do you provide your dog earn the title of “good boy”? Please share with us those stories about the best dogs in the world!

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