26 People who were hit by the boredom in full-time employment

If you look at the clock for the umpteenth time, and all streaks and dust particles on the monitor of your computer already have a name, then you’re in the grip of a serious opponent: boredom. We propose you to distract you a bit and look to those who have already won the first place in this fight.

Great.guru was not being boring and has selected pictures of people who used the heavy artillery in the fight against tedium.

26. When you try to get a balance in the work

25. Another offensive in the war of stickers between two offices

24. Now, the main thing is not to send this video to the head

23. “Generally, we make parts for engines for airplanes, but sometimes we are bored”

22. The floor is lava!

21. Skillful hands and nothing is working in the office

20. “During boring telephone conversations at work, I practice calligraphy again and again”

19. So that is what happens when there are no passengers in the plane!

18. “I had free time at work, and I decided to assemble the outfit of Fry in ’Futurama’”

17. Or several cups of coffee speed up a day of work, which means that it’s time to let out the artistic side

16. If the level of boredom in the workplace is out of scale, will come to the rescue the courage and the teeth

15. When you have a long break at work

14. Hopefully these are not the portraits of their superiors

13. If the job comes the thought of “why don’t you take 14 glasses of wine with one hand?”, it will be impossible for you to resist

12. Anything to speed up the minutes until the end of the day

11. We are confident that even the heads of these guys gave them the curiosity to see how was the end of it

10. If in the office go by a few things, will help the mood and a little imagination

9. When the novice goes on vacation, and you just have a lot of time and a lot of wrapping paper

8. Perhaps it is as well as see a person who is ready to fight for the climb to the top of your career

7. It looks like the free time

6. Here it should sound the music of “Indiana Jones”

5. If on your table languish packages of colorful stickers, then it is time to take care of the place of work of your colleague

4. A hint for all of you this job is killing

3. And all of the world to wait

2. “I think my new colleague is a bit strange”

1. Probably more or less how it should look the definition of a day of never-ending work

And how you deal you with the boredom in the workplace?

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