26 People who managed to control their habits and now are completely unrecognizable

According to Erasmus of Rotterdam, “there is nothing better than the victory over oneself”. And oh, how great it is to verify that you are strong and you can do almost anything when nobody around you believes in you!

Great.guru admires the people who managed to control their harmful habits to change and happy to share their photos with you.

Nothing is impossible when your best friend supports you

“My friend during her entire life overweight, until one day he decided to get in shape and lose 45 pounds”.

“2 years ago I decided to lose weight. I lost 23 kilos. Now I still want to lose more kilos and I can run a half marathon. And this was the dress that I wore today”.

“From 2014 levo lost more than 73 pounds, and within 23 days I will run my third marathon.”

This girl overcame her anorexia and not only managed to get in good shape, but also to create an embossed muscle impressive

“I am 55 years old and weight 48 kilos less than last year. My wife lost 48 kilos. No trick, only started to eat healthy and exercise”.

“In the last 10 years I lost 134 pounds”.

“In the last 9 months I stopped drinking alcohol, I started to count calories and I became a bodybuilder. I still affect the teasing of the others.”

“I’m 25 years old, my height is 168 centimeters. Before I weighed 169 pounds, then I lost 91 in 11 months. I can’t believe that has changed so much, but my new goal is to weigh 63 and I know I can do it.”

“I lost 39 pounds and I can do whatever I want.”

“In a year without alcohol changed my life: I lost 24 kilos and I became a thousand times more happy.”

“In 2 years I lost 88 pounds”.

“Between the two we lost 82 pounds”.

“In 3 years I lost from 100 to 54 pounds, running daily, 6 miles regardless of the weather.”

“I lost 127 to 90 and then to 66 kilos. I want to lose another 12, but I already feel incredibly happy and proud of myself”.

“I lost 81 pounds and I finally got rid of the bust and the belly”.

“I got to my normal weight in 3 years, thanks to the swimming 3 times a week and enough to eat.”

“Since September of 2016 I lost 27 pounds”.

“3 months of ketogenic diet gave their results.”

“Weighed 125 kilosy now weight 83. I’m still perfecting my body and working my muscles. I improved my diet, I became more healthy and happy and I travel a lot”.

“Mom lost 45 pounds thanks to diet and exercise”.

“I lost over 30 kilos”.

“I lost 57 pounds after you stop consuming alcohol, fast food and desserts.”

“In 4 years I lost 80 pounds, thanks to a hard work on myself”.

“It’s amazing what you can do with a person 15 months of ’Pokemon’Go”.

“I lost 135 pounds in 2 years. My side is the nutritionist that made me believe in myself and helped me giving me back my health. His look says more than thousand words”.

These people really are strong and determined. It tell us in the comments how you’ve managed to beat you to it yourself! We are confident that your story may inspire someone.

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