26 People who do not want to seem to anyone

Great.guru introduces you to 26 unexpected solutions from people who do not want to be like all. Watch until the end and surely you will be born a couple of original ideas of how to vary your life.

A fireplace common is a remnant of the past

What will it mean to “Soma ulte”?

You can eat them as you want, but so you know better

When your guests want coffee, but you just moved

When you are cool always

A swing joint is boring

Girls up working in a factory are still girls

Oh, yes, I feel good. Thanks for asking

Introvert. Level: god

The important thing is to pack the gift well

When dad promised to make a snowman but you forgot how to

I don’t have time to explain it, just do it!

When traveling on an airplane with your grandmother

A pastry chef with hunger is a force formidable

Why today?

When your case has something better than money

Care, creative territory

Everything must be special

I think she looks okay

When you are very fragile and do not want to break

This is how you should serve the kebab

What do you say, cat?

When the highway is for newbies

When the cat wants to let your human go to work

To not have cold in the space

When you want to be gentle, but you are a dinosaur

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