26 People who could win the prize of kings of the jokes

Play them jokes to the others is always fun and doesn’t necessarily have to wait for a special occasion for this.

Great.guru compiled the best examples of jokes that definitely deserve a prize.

Someone turned the floor into a golf course perfect

“My younger brother decided to play a joke to the dentist”

“My colleagues were waiting my return from the vacation and involved in every detail of the desktop with aluminum foil”

“A friend ’decorated’ the room with a spider’s web artificial. And I hate spiders”.

Never tell your teammates what is your actor hated

“1100 full glasses of water for my room neighbor”

The game starts

“My uncle bought a new television and went out of the city. A good opportunity for a joke with Photoshop”.

“A joke for our employees. These doors are 130 metres of each other”.

A war of jokes between two offices of construction

“This curtain is too scary to all of our guests”

“Today, I saw this pilot at the airport”

The best joke of the office

A good way to get gray to your partner

Until the little bird was the victim of a joke

This guy was fired from work for having pasted the photo of your cat in the microwave

Joke of the office

“My neighbors went to see the movie ’It’. When they return, it will be night.”

A joker frightens drivers with a christmas decoration

“After a long trip, I came home and, instead of my room, I found a store”

“I was looking at my phone when I went to the bathroom. I turned on the light and almost gave me a heart attack.”

“For a time I went to the residence of students and asked my friends to take care of my room. That was what they did with him.”

“After returning from my vacation, I could not find my cup. I found it”.

“At least, now I know where it comes from this generosity”

For this joke you’ll only need a little glue

In the small container there is wasabi. It is a perfect crime.

As you can see, there are many ways to get up the tempers of both yourself and those around you. The important thing to remember is that the “victim” of the joke may respond with the same and to be careful.

What of these jokes would you?

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