26 Evidence of the perfect Christmas only exists in the movies

Searching frantically for the gifts, decorate the house, make rows in the stores saturated: some focus on the sides little pleasant of these festivals. To such a degree that you begin to understand the Grinch green of that famous movie.

Great.guru joined 26 photos dedicated to all who still do not feel the christmas atmosphere. And if you do not care about the holiday at all, the bonus at the end of the article is for you.

Festive atmosphere in the shops

“For a long time I could not understand why in the tree of my mother-in-law had a finger-hook, until I looked at it more closely”

The trauma christmas child looks more or less like this

“Buy yourself a vacuum cleaner robot”, they said. “It will be easier to clean your home”, they said

Tree a little darker

Not all the gifts were accepted

Guess who added that one pair of ornaments to the tree

When you have no idea what you’re going to do on new year’s Eve

These neighbors were filled quickly: threw the tree at 8:40 in the morning, just after the feast

A chocolate with a change of gender

This sapling is enough

“Last year we decided to share with the cat our spirit of christmas”

“In my family no one wanted to decorate the tree, much less put it out of its box. So it is okay”

“Not even suspect how great is our Christmas today”

The child hid his gift from his older brother. He did it so well that not even his mom found him

When you resignaste with the foam bath

Minimum of effort and atmosphere maximum

You understand that your childhood ended when Santa Claus brings you your first blood pressure monitor

“I tried to take a photo is gentle with my dog”

Ready for the holidays!

“I found a photo of children in an album, old. Not for nothing is this ’granddaughter’ Santa Claus made me suspicious”

I had this cookie for the fortune…

“Ok, I’m going to put a tree”

Another way to share a link to an album

Who did it?

“A colleague scolded me for not having christmas spirit and that was how you packed your ’gift’”

Bonus: if you don’t have mood to celebrate anything due to the problems of life, this story is for you

“Three years ago my wife began to cry because at Christmas we could not afford to even put a tree (not to mention the gifts). I asked a series of lights provided and hung it in our department vacuum. Now each year, along with a real tree, always hang up a small sapling as a memento of where we were a day”.

We hope each of our readers enjoy the festivities. Merry Christmas and a New Year!

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