26 unique Situations that could only have happened in an airport

Airports are a world apart with its own peculiarities and rules, where you can find people who are totally different and where you may happen unexpected situations.

Great.guru gathered for you some moments sorpendentes that reflect all the essence of the flights.

The airport is a place of encounters

And stag

Here each who passes the hours as you can: some rest

Eat a few appetizers

You are trying to get on paper

Have minutes to finally be reunited with their loved ones

Some even manage to work

And find a way not to change their habits

Here you can find the most diverse characters leading business conversations

Some pass the metal detector of miracle

Until the helpers of Santa Claus traveling in an airplane

Here you can take an unexpected photo with a star

Or with another

Or see how some sheiks arabs trying to buy tickets to Switzerland

And the brave make their personal life

The services are very inclusive

In some sides you can find a portion of tenderness as well

Hugs stronger

And the kisses just as expected

Here you will discover new postures for sleeping

You will notice that your day was not so bad

Even so, you must be prepared for everything

Also here you’ll be able to surprise you with the ingenuity outside

Having travel companions unexpected

A perfect way not to lose the luggage

Or just be a witness of a miracle

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