26 design Solutions that gave a second life to everyday objects

Millions of designers around the world to daily invent new devices that impress us. But there are those that seek to improve the things that already exist.

Great.guru invites you to look at how they can change the everyday objects if their inventors added a bit of whimsy.

26. Rubik’s cube for people who cannot see well

25. Plug anti-children. To avoid any problem

24. Organizer for keys. Now you can put all your keys in one gadget comfortable

23. Jacket for motorcyclists aware of. It teaches them to other drivers when you turn or stop

22. Socks intelligent. Calculated the steps and warn of the danger of injury

21. An adapter for any occasion. Is attached where it is and serves to charge whatever

20. On the one hand, it is a key chain tender; on the other hand, is a weapon of self-defense

19. Just open and drink. New type of coffee “two in one”: drink and straw

18. Packaging transformer. For those who have just moved to a new house and still don’t have chandeliers

17. Dispenser for soap dry. There is No time to explain: wash your hands

16. Closet ladder. Now you will not be able to hide anything from your children, but you will have it all to hand

15. Bottle dumbbell. Just add water and start your training

14. Clip for the tape. Goodbye, search tips of the tape! Now you don’t hide never

13. Tires without air. So you can drive up to a road full of spikes, and nails

12. Label universal. For those who love to make plans

11. Foci inflatable. The more intense the light, the more it grows the focus

10. Umbrella with ergonomic handle. “Now don’t let me escape”

9. Bike transformer. Hardly weighs anything and looks very stylish

8. Tablecloth with tracks. An indispensable thing for those who are just learning to serve the table

7. System vacuum collection of small garbage. So nothing you will gather in the corners of your home

6. Crutch ergonomic. Frees up your hands, but makes you feel as if you were a pirate

5. Seat lock. So your bike is always safe

4. A thimble cutter. Open the boxes in a movement of fingers

3. Thermal mug. Attached to basically anything and it looks great

2. Opener and container lids. So you do not need to collect the trash after a party

1. T-shirt trainer. Will tell you when you can go home

We are confident that these devices are able to make daily life easier. What is it that you need most in your life? Tell us in the comments.

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