27 Artisans amateur that know how to make a masterpiece with what you have to hand

Anyone can create something with their own hands, if you have a bit of free time, desire to learn new techniques and, of course, imagination.

Great.guru invites you to look at the works of 27 amateur craftsmen who know how to create with whatever: wood, lamb’s wool, paper or even old televisions and soap scum.

“Yesterday my parents sent me a gift from my dear aunt. I said, ’You liked it and you tejí’”.

“Knit a blanket and it was not easy, but I’m happy with my work.”

“I have sewed a dress pizza”.

“I converted a portable tv and old console video games retro”.

“A few students of our school made a portrait of the director with paper for notes.”

“We did an Arnie of paper for the birthday of a friend. The result exceeded all expectations”.

“I turned the old tv into a fish tank.”

“My girlfriend and I painted tennis with the scenes of the cartoon ’Rick and Morty’”.

“My grandfather carved a chain out of wood.”

“Normal people make snowmen, I made a dodecahedron”.

“My neighbor made a kitten with foam of soap.”

“I did a portrait of my dog with wood.”

“Our technical department did a crown christmas with parts of computers”.

“We made this snowman at work”.

“I made a hat for fish to challenge the society”.

A lover of cosplay made a suit of Samus Aran using a 3D printer.

You don’t need to disrupt your life when you can make armour out of cardboard.

A woman covered the floor with coins of 1 cent

“Took two years to weave the map of the world of Super Mario. Until now I only took half.”

“I converted a console old on a guitar”.

“I made a fireplace in the shape of Darth Vader”.

A guy developed the “table of infinity” using mirrors and lights.

When you spare a lump of plaster and do not know what to do with it

“Mom made this for my birthday.”

“When your friend tells you to do so much, born this. Socks ’leg of chicken’ as a gift for his girlfriend”.

“One of my more recent works”.

“I just created something horrible, or, on the contrary, beautiful. I still don’t know!”.

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