27 Photos of people captured the reasons of all their misfortunes

The misfortunes occur to all of us, but we can’t all treat them with humor and irony.

Great.guru found for you 27 photos of failures, whose protagonists can now remember them with laughter.

“After this is repeated 3 times, I decided that I can photograph it without feeling guilty.”

“All of a sudden was only a area without painting”.

“She wanted to take a pretty picture in the metro.”

“My brother, before a surfer ran into him.”


“The attempt to find the balance failed”.

“My cat made a serious error”.

“Everyone knew that this was going to happen. All of them, except the cat.”

“Is it my imagination, or clean-shaven looks more feminine?”

“The concert of Michael Clifford was very hot”.

“How my girlfriend lost at Jenga”.

“My friend thought that he was a master of swinging in the chair.”

“When the goat does not like to be at home or my friend to be at home with a goat.”

“Never you tie shoelaces in front of the Eiffel Tower”.

“I thought it was the clover of 4 leaves that gave happiness, is not a frisbee”.

“My cat is too curious.”

“I decided to take the cat with me to the bathroom and I regretted that.”

“Now you will think three times before parking so bad”.

“When you decide to check your social networks in the morning. And so every day”.

“You should never put very hot foods on a glass table. And think well if it is worth buying it.”

“I wanted to take a picture of this meal to upload to Instagram. Well, this photo will bring together even more I like”.

This is the pain.

“Every time things are going too well”.

“But I realised that yes I could”.

“Postponing the inevitable”.

“I just wanted to eat.”

“I managed to conquer that mountain. But this no longer excites me”.

What funny stories have happened to you? I share them in the comments!

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