27 extraordinary Photos taken at just the right time

Sometimes a picture is memorable not because of the angle or the quality of the camera, but by the moment itself.

Great.guru selected just for you 27 photos whose genius is fully dependent on fractions of seconds.

It seems that the water knows something

“That moment that I lost my glasses”

“Well you see the Grand Canyon when only is lit by lightning”

A few bottles of juice turned this man into a chieftain

I’m sorry, gentlemen scientists, will they have a couple of minutes to talk?

When the sun illuminates the street in such a way that it seems that you’re in a video game bad

When you spent too much time under the water and you became one of the marine inhabitants

A crow is very clever

The simplest way to be as cool as your dog

Does the right time, or super powers?

Sometimes the reflection looks much more interesting than the aquatic world

When your friend’s team dominates the levitation, but do not use your skills to play

It seems a wedding photo common. But the kiss was not for the groom

When you start to look like an african-american with a mane of luxury

It seems as if this bumblebee to hold the sun

When the train has already started its journey and the light from your headlights is still not

A flower solar

Sometimes even the coffee is poured out so perfect

With the time and the angle perfect, your eyes will be unrecognizable

The aircraft combines perfectly with the world around

The Moon resting comfortably

An eagle-reactive

As if it were a toy!

After snowboarding you can play with the Moon

The private transport of ladybugs

Maybe this was the original idea of the tattoo artist

A kiss with the fire dragon

Have you ever managed to capture the right moment in a photo? Tell us your stories in the comments.

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