27 Photos of crazy peaks and dizzy heights

In the world there is a category of people who feel that they lack extreme emotions and adrenaline. Is fan with a parachute, climb mountains and even tall buildings of different cities just to take a selfie.

Great.guru found for you 27 photos dizzying you will be dizzying a bit.

A view mesmerizing Hong Kong

Norway is an amazing world

A fascinating view of a city in Ukraine

The path of Haiku in the U.S., also called “Stairway to heaven”

At the top of a crane

Flying over the village to Ölüdeniz in Turkey

Skydiving in Hawaii

Jump on Spain

On the waterfalls of Mauritius

A walk end on the island of Oahu, Hawaii

Extreme climbing in Hobart (Australia)

Flying Over New York

In the rocks of the beach Cala sa Nau, Spain

A ride on Ecuador

Amazing views from Hanging Rock in Australia

On the beach of Porto Cristo in Spain

“Slackline” in Squamish (Canada)

The top of one of the buildings department in Moscow

A spectacular view of the city of Nanjing in China

On the island of Guadeloupe

An appointment extreme in the city of Shenzhen (China)

Tightrope walker on the rocks of Australia

A break from the mountain of Wellington in Australia

“Take a photo with Italy in the background”

Views from a hot air balloon trips over Cappadocia in Turkey

Climbing rocky shores

About the forests of France

What are the pictures most extreme you have seen? I share them in the comments!

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