27 Photos that will bring you to the visual ecstasy

In the objects that surround us usually there is not much beauty or harmony, on the contrary, are imperfect. That is why the few photos in which you capture something really perfect to be converted into true gems.

Great.guru collected 27 photos for your eyes to rest from the chaos of everyday life and enjoy the beauty. At the end you’ll have a fun winter bonus.

Winter morning of a perfectionist, minimalist

A ball of sand that is more cool that a sculpture of abstract art

Pancakes japanese that are too beautiful to be eaten

Tubes perfectly level

Do you also notice right away the cling film in the dish with crackers?

This chair was created for this t-shirt or vice versa. But, oh, what a combination!

This cheeseburger is too good to be true

The last, but what good!

The best tail

“The hair on the head of my son of 8 months weapon a spiral ideal”

Just look at how to combine these tiles, it is great!

“This year I managed to harvest a single tomato. But, oh, the best!”

The melted cheese on a piece of meat looks like a egg

You can watch non-stop these waves

A “snow ball” perfect: round and lively, and flocked

That is why it is so difficult to see the owls in the forest

A guy managed to take a photo of the snowflake a perfect one that fell on the hair of his bride

The current created a wheel of perfect foam

On each piece of pizza there are exactly three slices of sausage

I hope that in the paradise for the perfectionists there is a garden with such flowers

Beware! To see a photo with a transition of color in this pepper can bring the visual ecstasy

Beauty. Order. Harmony.

A ski piste. It is not necessary to ski, you can simply enjoy the view.

Is it a photoshop or a mold for advertising? No, just a bunch of gorgeous pancakes

A reflection of fascinating lights of garlands in the fridge

The nature has created a scale unbelievable to these snakes

Bonus: the direct impact

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