27 Photos-without a gram of Photoshop will make you doubt they are real

We are so accustomed to processing images in Photoshop that automatically allocate to the editor all the amazing thing that we see in them. But sometimes the photographers talented manage to take amazing pictures without any process.

Great.guru gathered for you examples of unique photos that we were able to take thanks to the talent and persistence of the photographers, technical opportunities of the camera and, of course, a coincidence.

The girl in the Santa suit white and black

When the tree falls in the perfect way

It is as well as away a tram of long exposure

All the happiness of a perfectionist in an image

Who needs Photoshop when you’re a master of makeup?

When the artist knows how to take advantage of the space

Even a simple flashlight you can add more dynamic to the photo

Lightning long exposure in Colorado

Even in the way in which it departs a train in the subway, you can find some beauty

The law of the refraction of the light in action

The photographer who managed to “freeze” light

Yes, this ducky giant is real

The dynamics of the games mechanics in a photo

All in the childhood we saw the world as well

For this image it took a long exposure and the persistence of incredible model

The apple full of light

The launch of Soyuz to the International Space Station

The puddle that hypnotizes

The owners decided to surprise your cat with his portrait

Rain, light, a photographer business

Could star in a shield

The owners of Dodge Charger are the most patient in the world

They are fireworks, not the space

The perfect reflection

Solar flares

Forest mushrooms under the Milky Way

Because of the shadow on the shoulder everything seems as if the man behind it was “photoshopeado”

Do you have some examples of photos that look as if they were processed in Photoshop, although that is not so?

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