27 Brothers and sisters that we all dream of having

When it comes to jokes, the ingenuity of our brothers or sisters has no limits. And it is wonderful! Because not only will forgive all their antics, but we are looking forward to the following.

The wording of Great.guru invites you to enjoy a selection that has met the jokes brightest of the closest people that we have. And, by the way, you’re sure to find inspirational ideas here.

“My brother hates Nicolas Cage. Today my banter went up to another level: more than 1000 photos of the actor throughout the house”.

“My brother went on a trip with your friends. And this is the only damn picture that sent me”.

“I always told my brother that dressed like a child of 5 years, and his answer was a furious denial. Yesterday he sent me this photo”.

“My brother asked me to take care of your house for a few days. I hope you like my makeshift altar to Terry Crews.

It looks like the dog when you take care of the brother of the owner

Be a big brother is to make gifts great. Be younger brother, is to make gifts for those who have enough money.

“At the request of my mom, I brought my younger brother for a walk. Anything, is the one on the left. And yes, not fit for anything in our group of friends”.

“Apparently, my brother, to whom I have amputated a leg, he is very excited with his Christmas gift”

“My brother sent me by mail a pope… again”

Almost dropped the newborn baby from my sister. The young mother has an excellent tolerance level.

52 corn flakes on the head of my brother asleep. We hope that in the future this little know appreciate all of the effort invested in this.

“My sister asked me to take her dog from Dallas to Austin. I sent her this picture and told him that we were on the way.”

When your older brother is learning to drive, you have to show how much they support him… or not.

Revenge is a dish best served cold

“Before all the family would gather to dine, I changed the photo of my sister on a photo of Putin. For the moment, no one noticed anything.”

“My first Christmas gift for my younger brother”

“My sister threw her notes into the trash, but my mom found it. These clashes are the best thing that could happen to you after my long absence from home.”

“I modified a little bit the photo school my sister. Now it seems even more Sheryl Lee”.

“My sister and her boyfriend tomorrow is going to spend the weekend at our family cabin. I gave them a little surprise”.

“I make fun of my sister sending pictures of the party that I put together at home in the absence of our parents. I sent a reply. He is our dad.”

When you say to your sister or brother that you choose the cake you want

“For almost 4 months our sister hid that she had a boyfriend. This evening we will see for the first time and especially for the occasion we chose our best costumes”.

“Recently, my sister cut his hair. You know that I hate the hair cut, that’s why I stumble with him in the most unexpected places”.

“My brother and I, we dressed to greet our nephews as newborns. The main thing is to make a good impression. Especially in the first encounter.”

“So my youngest daughter says goodbye to her brother when he goes to school”

“My sister of 13 years thinks that it’s funny”

“My brother sent me a photo of him with my daughter”

But despite the jokes of our brothers and sisters, we are still dear to me, just like they do to us. What about you what a joke you have done to the members of your family? It tell us in the comments!

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