27 Fungi that show that nature has a great imagination

Fungi are one of the most ancient inhabitants and variety of our planet. There are edible and poisonous, of all shapes and colors possible, hallucinogens, and shining in the darkness, beautiful and frightening, funny and shocking.

In Great.guru we have made a selection of the fungi most incredible look to anything but to what they really are.

1. Bridal veil (Phallus duplicatus)

Contrary to her beautiful appearance and the name romantic, this mushroom does not smell like French perfume, but carrion rotten. And this attracts flies. Come, eat the slime that covers the fungus and, at the same time, they carry the spores. But this magnificent fungus-flower live after maturing for one day.

2. Fungus in the form of a shell (Humaria hemisphaerica)

Archaeologists have found a large amount of evidence that prior to the appearance of the trees on our planet were growing fungi of all different shapes and sizes. And when you look at a fungus that seems at the same time to a shell, half a coconut and a cup unusual to take something, no one can hesitation.

3. Saddle of the dryad (Polyporus squamosus)

The fungi grow everywhere. In the air, under the earth, in the soil, inside the bodies, in the atmosphere and, of course, in the trees, as this incredible mushroom-parasite that looks like a bagpipe. His second name is the “saddle of the dryad”, because, according to the myths the dríadas could mount on these fungi.

4. Earth star (Geastrum rufescens)

This is a bit like the fungus bejín and differs mainly only by a “star”, which opens immediately just the fungus appears from under the ground.

5. Fungus-cake (Ganoderma)

These mushrooms look very much like the cakes with English cream that we liked when we were kids. But don’t fool yourself: the taste of these does not correspond with its appearance appetizing. They are very bitter. However, some people make tea out of them.

6. Egg of the king (Amanita caesarea)

In ancient Rome the mushrooms, Caesar’s (or reals) is called “boleti” and were considered the best among its kind. The military Lucullus, a famous gourmet whose meals were impressed by the imagination of contemporaries, and entered in proverbs, enaltecía to this fungus. Well, actually look very appetizing.

7. Fungal amazing of Australia

Today there are more than 100 thousand species of fungi, but they are still the most unexplored. For example, these fungi captured by the photographer australian Steve Axford.

8. Mushroom bamboo (Phallus indusiatus)

Five millimeters per minute: as fast growing this mushroom bamboo. This is a record not only for mushrooms but also for the plants. Even the bamboo is fast-growing grows much more slowly: of 0.6 to 1.7 millimeters per minute.

9. Turkey tail (Trametes versicolor)

From the fruiting bodies of this colorful fungus was isolated a polysaccharide called special Coriolanum. It is he who influences active in tumor cells and promotes an increase of cell-mediated immunity.

10. “A hat is stained with ink” (Coprinopsis atramentaria)

Is used, as is easy to guess, for the manufacture of ink. The fungus of the ink has the property of causing a poisoning of people in a state of alcohol intoxication, while it is harmless to those who do not participate.

11. Beard of a goat (Sparassis crispa)

A fungus curly very beautiful it is in reality a parasite, a destroyer of trees. Although young it is edible, it can be drying, frying, and use in folk medicine.

12. The fingers of the devil (Clathrus archeri)

Its other name is Anturus Archer. Anturus grows as a bulb in the shape of an egg and when it bursts appear white fingers, similar to the hand of a dead man who comes out of the tomb. At the end of the “fingers” that grow and can have up to 10 centimeters of height. In mature form, the fungus has from 4 to 8 “fingers” of red with black spheres that resemble the suckers on the tentacles of the octopus.

13. Dog Stinkhorn (Mutinus caninus)

And this mushroom got its name in honor of the deity phallic roman Mutunus Tutunus, which meant “like a dog”. It is interesting to see how your top dark attracts insects and has a scent reminiscent of excrement cats.

14. Fungus in the form of a man (Geastrum britannicum)

Its unusual structure in any way resembles the figure-tiny of a man. And this once more confirms the fact that fungi are neither animals, nor plants. Form a particular realm, because the protein content of the fungi is closer to animals and for their composition of carbohydrate and minerals are more like plants.

15. The fingers of the dead man (Xylaria polymorpha)

This is the case in which the name of the fungus completely corresponds to its behavior. This grows on dead trees, or damaged, it secretes a digestive enzyme in them and then absorbs the matter that is rotting.

16. Tongue of land (Geoglossum cookeianum)

The fungus Geoglossum, known as the “tongue of earth” is also very interesting. These really are similar to languages that grow from the earth. Their families are found in meadows, abandoned glades with a little grass and moorland in the north America and in Europe.

17. Bird’s nest (Nidulariaceae)

These fungi molds grow on tree branches, trunks and stumps. Their appearance unusual-shaped nest that allows you to accumulate rain water, which then splashed a few feet to the sides. This is an effective way of sowing the spores.

18. A fungus in the form of a marshmallow (Rhodotus palmatus)

This beautiful mushroom can be found on stumps and trunks of dead trees throughout the northern hemisphere. Depending on the lighting changes the intensity of the color. The hat of this mushroom is very similar to the marshmallow. But his appearance is deceptive and it is not to eat it.

19. Mushroom cosmic (Leratiomyces)

This mushroom looks like an alien. The fungi are actually creatures very versatile. Many of them are not afraid to temperature changes, the absence of light, water, oxygen. Some even survive in sulfuric acid, and tolerate high doses of radiation.

20. Fungus of the lobster (Hypomyces lactifluorum)

The irony is that this fungus parasitizes other fungi, for example, in rúsulas. The gills of the fungus affected leaves to develop, and do not form spores. At the same time, the fungus of the lobster is edible and its flavor and aroma compared with the seafood. Consists of ribonucleotides and free amino acids, so called “meat for vegetarians”.

21. Fungus-brain (Gyromitra esculenta)

These mushrooms are also called “mushroom-steak”, since they are a delicacy when cooked right. If you don’t have the skill to cook this mushroom, this dish can become deadly. For something we also call it false morilla.

22. Tooth bleeding (Hydnellum peckii)

Or a dessert that is very beautiful with cream and cherry jam or something terrible and bloody. Anyway, we do not recommend you eat it: it is incredibly bitter.

23. The lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus)

This fungus resembling to a dog Bobtail is edible. Know meat of shrimp. It is also used for medical purposes: to improve immunity, treat chronic gastritis, cancer of the esophagus or stomach, and leukemia.

24. A fungus that looks like a donut of chocolate

25. Ear of Judas (Auricularia auricula)

These fungi grow in clusters on trees that are rotting or are alive. They have a meat jelly and its surface color reddish-brown is covered with hairs and fine veins, which makes them similar to the human ears. In Japan and China it is a delicacy popular that it is often called “boneless beef”.

26. Mycena galericulata

This incredible fungus resembles a firework holiday. The hairs of this will serve to repel insects and small animals that want to eat it.

27. Fungus mucous

Here you see the only mushroom in the world that can move. Thanks to outgrowths of protoplasm, wheel on the trunk of the tree at a speed of one centimeter per hour. However, the scientists attributed to the pseudo-fungi, as they may not be considered as belonging to any other class.

What we see from the outside is only the tip of the iceberg. If we consider the mycelium as an analog of the brain (neural network), then the theory of the rationality of the fungi becomes quite understandable. In the higher fungi there is even something well as our organs of sense. And we, by the way, we collect these organs of sense, the salt and fry.

What about you do you think? What fungi are smart or not? Share your opinion in the comments.

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