27 Ideas that will help you to bring comfort to a new level

To make the interior of a cozy home and maximize the use of space, you do not need to have recourse to a designer. Sometimes the tricks that are most simple can help to solve difficult tasks.

Great.guru brought together 27 ideas that will make your home even more welcoming.

1. Support for brushes and cosmetics

2. Hooks as an alternative to furniture for shoes

3. If your wardrobe is small and you have a lot of clothes

4. Another trick to your wardrobe

5. Storage comfortable of detergents

6. Organizer for the lenses

7. Plastic containers can help to organize the refrigerator

8. Trick for storing shoes for winter

9. Support for knives made with sticks of bamboo

10. The wine corks are a very useful thing at home

11. Store your jewellery in the bottles and… in the grater

12. So as not to confuse

13. Utensils always at hand

14. Hooks for scarves

15. This time did not go to waste

16. Now I know what I will do in the next hour

17. The packaging of yogurt can become organizers

18. Another way to organize the drawers

19. For him

20. For her

21. When you don’t have shelves and you don’t need

22. Now you can buy even more spices

23. Belts ordered

24. Two clamps and the problem with the headphones is resolved

25. Fastener for hair dryer

26. Ideas for your pans


—I bought more shoes?
—How safe?

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