27 Images that were more convincing than all the words in the world

The photographs that tell complete stories are the pinnacle of skill and professionalism of the photographer. But sometimes simple charts are able to convey much more.

Great.guru brought together the photographs that they captured more than a moment of the life.

Veterans we must not forget

The boat military “Mars”, sunk in 1564. It was preserved thanks to the ice-cold water

A history of terror

“I could not bring this cat home, but I could not let it freeze. However, after all I could not resist and got it”

Friendship between a boy and a bear who has been more than 10 years

“I found a best friend in GTA and not long after we met in real life”

This couple found in their home a safety deposit box: inside it there was a Bourbon of 1960 and 50 thousand USD

This one street was hit by a car, I had to do an operation. It is now fully healthy and one of the surgeons brought her to his house

“This keychain given to me by an old man, made by himself”

Firefighters rescued a cat from a burning house

The start and end times are equal

A nurse of intensive therapy, left this note to parents, tired of waiting

Despite the accident that almost took his life to this woman, she is married with her best friend

“After 7 years of infertility treatment, it finally happened!”

“95 days without heroin. For the first time in a long time I had money to buy new clothes”

“I fed this kitten every day for 3 years. Today for the first time she jumped in my hands”

“After 13 years of failed attempts to conceive, we were finally able to adopt a child”

“Today my wife became a kidney donor”

“I found a wallet that had been lost in 1963. It took Me 15 years to find his owner, but recently died. This is what her family did with the content of the portfolio”

“We picked up a kitten. My dog thinks that is his daughter”

“My son was born at 24 weeks. This is the first time that allow me to take it in my arms”

A boy of 22 years of Harlem in a game on the network, he became a friend of a woman of 81 years. Last week went to Florida and met for the first time in person

“My dad and I, and my son and I in the same place 34 years after”

“For the first time in a long time I can’t afford to give Christmas gifts to my parents”

All have a right to education

It looks like an ad social

“The fabric of my mother clearly demonstrates the process of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Do you have photographs that show a full story? Do or important moments in life that you could not burn? Share your answer in the comments.

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