27 People whose way of thinking is weird

If you think that everything in the world has already been invented, you’re wrong, because the ingenuity of some people is truly unlimited.

Great.guru found 27 true geniuses that maybe are a little bit crazy, because that way of thinking doesn’t fit at all in the usual standards.

“I am half irish and half japanese. With my own hands I sewed a kimono shirts and boxer shorts”

“I couldn’t choose with which to decorate the top of the tree: an angel or a star, that’s why I decided to put the two”

“At work, my mom made a contest of decoration of the places of the office. My mom is on the left side, but his neighbor definitely deserve the victory”

“This fashion chokers is so wild, that when I went to the bar with the laces of running shoes around the neck, I got so many compliments like never before in my life”

“For Halloween I disfracé of ’a bride by mail’”

A man opened a café in a Beetle Volkswagen

“In the work a child asked me for a paper and after 5 minutes he returned with a gift”

Give the child medicine, disguised as soda

“One day a buyer gave me a tip, which I found a dollar folded into the shape of a shirt. Still I keep”

Shaquille O’neal built a “tree” of baskets of basketball, and joked that those are all the baskets that broke in his career

In this restaurant the pepperonis for the pizza cut in small pieces, and the truth is that so you know more rich

“My student gave me a thermal protector for apples”

One of the students replaced the missing piece by Lego blocks, close to the student residence

Practical application of the mécanica theoretical in the life

I repaired the door

“Our local attorney distributes pencils in the form of a mallet of judge”

“I’ve always given to my husband is color blind color pencils that he hates for his birthday. This time I have bought an iPhone, with which he dreamed. Guess how I packed”

“By hiding a gift to my sister for the feast of welcome to your new home”

In this public place, all the corners are decorated with paintings

At the airport, for Christmas, was placed snowflakes of planes

A man brought a table to the metro

This man does not need hearing aids: he “hears” directly the music from the sheet

In the autolavado put a “gun soap” so that the children can have fun and at the same time help to wash the cars

“The strength to accompany my tree”

Actor Verne Troyer is not worried about his height: “If I measure with doughnuts, my height would be 27 donuts”

The owners of this bar advertised with the help of t-shirts with a bad review

Surely it is the best sweater with a “deer” that I have ever seen in my life

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