27 People who have defied the photos typical

Today, it is impossible to impress others with photos common. Or the selfies, extreme, or extravagant clothes generate as many “Likes” or admiration, which are the dream of many.

But not all are limited to frames and tired. Great.guru selected just for you 27 original photos whose authors did everything possible to ensure that each viewer stops to observe his works.

What are the attractions when you have a giant staff?

“I went to Milan to make this lively frame for the photo”

“The best selfie you have taken a day”

Even the moms can lose sight of something important

To have a photo out of the ordinary with any movement, better snap a photo of a dog, not yourself

Did you forgot your umbrella? It nothing happens!

While going to the store, I managed to join the dark side of the force

Better than a costume for Halloween

“Don’t bother!”

The bag more fashionable

This type of swings like at any age

“I was told that I would never use the stick of selfies of 3.5 meters long”

When you do everything possible for a photo great

A selfie of the planet

Balloons of tea

“Dorothy is here”

The connection of the generations in 4 photos

If you got tired of the selfies are common, take them under the water

Sometimes you can achieve the effect in Photoshop using the lens of sun

When you have no chef’s hat to hand

The chair with which you have to be careful

When you want to fall a nevada

Sometimes it is better to get distracted and look at the world from a certain distance and if you have a camera, best

“Let me out of here!”

How to be a superhero without leaving your home

Winter fishing from another point of view

“My friends decided to take the selfie most brilliant of your pregnancy”

What tricks original you normally use to take stunning photos? Tell us your stories in the comments.

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