27 People who have lived through the encounter most important and memorable of their lives

Friends and family are the most important thing that we have. And when we met for the first time with them, or after a long time without seeing them, we live the best moments that will always remain in our memory.

Great.guru has compiled these images of people that have enjoyed the most important meeting of his life. Look at how much happiness fills these moments!

His first time with Santa

The first time with your grandson

A child of 5 years who survived an explosion is reunited with his friend

Got off the plane in the guise of Robin to meet his grandson for the first time

“My daughters know their new baby brother”

She still does not know that he is her first and best friend

“My friend breeding dogs and, once in a while, with all of the puppies that you have sold”

He met his double on the plane

“We met Online 5 years ago. Today we saw for the first time”

“Today I met this man. It is called Tony. He worked as a physician and helped me to be born 33 years ago, and 2 days”

“Finally I met in person my friend games online and we want to jump to the time in parachute”

This iraqi police, after the liberation of his village, is reunited with his mother

The great-grandmother sees for the first time to her great-granddaughter

A bear and a boy dressed as a bear

“I first met my older sister, that our parents had given up for adoption”

The encounter with his favorite character

“My grandmother is 97 years old and his new pet”

He saw his daughter for the first time

“My meeting with my older sister, for the first time, 31 years after the time of the adoption”

Gave him a puppy

The face to face encounter of two great superheroes

“My grandmother knows the fawn, whose care is the responsibility of my sister.”

Two Alicias in the Country of the Wonders at once

This police officer receives his new dog

“My grandmother knows for the first time to her great-granddaughter”

The return home for Christmas

“My brother first met his nephew”

“My brother suffers from a disability. He loves the children, but it rarely happens that allows you to take one in her arms. But today, my wife and I, yes we allow you to do it with our baby. And so was his gaze when he did. He sat, embracing the small for 5 minutes”.

And what has been the most important of your life? Or maybe you’re still waiting? Share your stories in the comments.

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