27 People who do not need expensive materials to create

What seems to us a waste useless, for the creative people it can be a true work of art.

Great.guru brought together some examples of how the artists create what is beautiful with the material that is at hand.

A city winter in a windowsill

A mammoth of metal

Lamp children’s toys, old

Heart of earth and wood

Portraits of famous people thread

A toy metal parts

Tree. “Change of seasons” of wire and pebbles

Cats stones

The hand of the Terminator of metal parts

The number 9 the movie “Number 9”

Animals of metal parts

Are only a few patterns on broccoli

Mona Lisa of coins

Egg Elvis

A rainbow of threads

Materials: paper, pen, and sunset

Dress wraps

Paint made with salt

An amazing world behind the glass

Dragon eggs are created with pins, paper

Lion with coffee and spices

Paint made with pencils old

Miniature sculptures of the charcoal pencil

Lamp and flowers of filament

Is creating figures of characters from movies with soles old

Simply stunning

Blood system with a rope

Have you ever created works of art with what you have on hand? Or maybe you’ve seen works that have impressed you? Share your opinion in the comments.

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