27 People were not slow to share their amazing findings with the world

If life gives you lemons, make a lemonade! How and what to do with the objects that had the good luck to find these Internet users?

In Great.guru we would also like to be owners of some of them, because some things are really rare.

“I found a piece the size of the steering wheel of my car,”

“I found a bottle with a mini-world within”

“I found a pen that looks like a cigarette”

“I found a butterfly between the pages of the book that is 231 years”

“I found a safe behind a jack fake in my new house”

“I found a quarter of a dollar in which George Washington appears smoking a cigarette”

“I found a stone, perfectly spherical on the coast”

“I found a hummingbird weakened and hungry on the porch. What I healed and freed”

“I found a skeleton of a lizard in a chair in the back yard”

“My father and his friend found a shoe of Reese Witherspoon, who threw during the filming of the movie ’wild Soul’”

“I was doing repairs in the kitchen and I pulled the microwave out of the wall. This sauce never lost hope”

You can find it on the asphalt!

Sauron sees you take wine

“I found this inscription in the floor of the house of my parents, who live there since 25 years ago. Saw it for the first time”

“My uncle found him in Texas. And is not draft, it has grown this way. What the hell is this? ”

“I found a stone in the shape of a heart”

“Oh, everybody just calm down! I found a”backup”

“I found my old box of child safety in the home of my parents. I’m not disappointed for nothing!”

“What I found today in the forest”

“I finally understood why my cat is always in the closet”

This bottle sent by a london man of 6 years was found on the coast of Denmark

“My daughter found a fossil in the backyard and gave it to me for Christmas”

“It seems to Me that I found a fight club for ants”

“I was cleaning a room to paint in the work. The tube paints he was covered, and cut and saw this.”

The photographer saw the fish trapped inside of a jellyfish. But interestingly he could control where to move the jellyfish

“I found a jalapeño with a gradient ideal of color and spicy”

Only a grasshopper pink. Nothing unusual

Have you ever found things that are really rare? Tell us about them in the comments, or better yet, it shows the pictures!!!

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