27 Paintings impressive of a talented self-taught artist with an imagination unbridled

Cyril Rolando is a psychologist and an illustrator self-taught artist from France. With the help of his art, he tries to catch the essence of the problems of their patients, immersing himself in the most unusual cases, turning them into paintings magical.

The artist is quite critical of his work, and believes that not reaching the ideal. But in Great.guru find his illustrations incredibly emotional and beautiful, so we decided to share them with you.

1. Cold

2. Time lost

3. Memories

4. After a long day

5. Family

6. One day I’ll fly away

7. Tell me, why is the sky red?

8. Dream

9. The last song of the Earth

10. No one knows that stars die

11. Grab the moment

12. A challenge to the sky

13. Submersion

14. The inevitable departure of the sun

15. A swamp soapy

16. I’m not in the forest

17. Fuel for life

18. The fable of a giraffe

19. The first dance

20. The polar star is a plane

21. Chasing happiness

22. Piano

23. A seal small

24. When I was six years old

25. Without noticing the sparrows

26. Do not destroy your dreams

27. Connection

If you don’t want to leave this surreal world, here you will be able to follow your journey and see even more works from this creative person.

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