27-life Situations in which the expectations are not fulfilled with the reality

When your expectations are different to reality, is not a reason to get depressed. You can look at any situation from another angle and up to a failure can be a good reason to smile.

Great.guru found for you some photos taken by people whose expectations did not match reality, but this is not saddened at all.

27. My wife decided to practice the craft of felt

26. The main rule of makeup for Halloween: how much more horrible, the worse

25. I would have never thought that Spongebob could be even more square

24. It seems that it is not the first New Year of this tree

23. When my dad wants to learn to use a sling

22. This ice cream came straight out of my nightmares

21. I showed him the first photo to my hair stylist today

20. This mask makes me look like a serial killer from, not like a panda

19. When only you wanted to make a cactus tender

18. How should be my Halloween costume and how it was in reality:

17. My friend wanted to practice his skills as a tattoo artist

16. When your first pumpkin is too ambitious

15. Since I don’t have so much hunger

14. It seems that to prepare ravioli was easy

13. Only termíname of killing, please

12. Not all pandas are tender

11. Wet hair

10. I wanted to make a flame and I did this

9. With this hairstyle I look more rough

8. It was not the best idea for a romantic evening

7. First try yourself and then laugh

6. This is a nightmare for any perfectionist

5. Even the snowman looks like a monster

4. Just is tired of being hung

3. That’s why I don’t like to make me a manicure according to the tutorials of Instagram

2. A perfect appetizer for Halloween: simple and nice. Although…

1. Until the grass grows in my head different than other people

Have you had cases in which something went wrong and your expectations turned out to be very far from the reality? It tell us in the comments!

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