28 Photos of people who are lucky to have parents as jokers

Everyone likes to laugh, so do not think that strict parenting and serious do not know what are the jokes.

In Great.guru we convinced ourselves of this on our own and we want to introduce you to a few people who are lucky enough to have parents with a sense of humor great.

“My dad took us to a water park. We have 24 years”.

“My husband wanted to clean the wrist of our daughter with alcohol, but you unintentionally erased the face. To correct the situation, we made new eyes clipped from a magazine”.

Or is it a joke funny, or is an excellent method of teaching

A father “loving”

“My parents knew that my girlfriend loves puzzles. According to them, is funny. 48 hours after”.

“I opened a gift from my parents for Christmas and I saw a professional lens $ 800. Then I realized that it was just a glass of 45 cents. Good joke, mom, dad.”

“Dad, please…”

“Do not ask me to do a competition of building towers of LEGO if you don’t know to lose. Does this make me a bad father?”

“I am a good father!”.

When you ask dad to help you with your task

“Moms parodiaron our selfie of the party”.

“My parents had told me that we had a younger brother, but was not fond of bathing, and became a mushroom”.

“Yesterday when I went home I began to pursue a patrol. I freaked out, I stopped and saw my dad. This seems funny”.

This dad is an actor excellent

“After mom saw this photo, my dad spent a week sleeping on the couch”.

“The mother of my friend asked him what cake he wanted for his birthday. He joked: ’With Jesus riding a estegosaurio’”.

Just give him a prize Oscar for this mom!

“Dad puts it in different places to scare me.”

“Mom thinks that is funny. Dad will not agree”.

“So I was like dad I wore when I was a child.”

“The black humour of dad at a family party”.

Mom’s level 80

“I went to college and mom gave me this, telling me: ’you Can drink alcohol only of this vessel’”.

“Disguise of my parents for Halloween.”

A father’s creative knows what to do if the child does not want to take the medicine

The child drew on a wall, but his parents knew what to do

Did you think that only kids love jokes?

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