28 Pictures that will make a bad day turn into another a little bit better

Do you not know how to improve your mood? Does the cold weather and grey that you see through the window does not allow you to enjoy the magic of the winter? So help you these beautiful images and warm, that ‘s Great.guru selected especially for you!

He shared his breakfast with his friend

The pastor, with their future helpers

A capybara caresses tenderly to a cat. In general, are very sociable animals

This man is 83 years old and earns a living by cutting the grass. His car broke down after 20 years using it for work and he himself had to carry his lawn mower. One of their customers raised money for a new car through the service GoFundMe

“My brother decided to bathe with a goat! Look at how happy they look both!”

“Today, my mom took two hours to get to my school just to bring me these cookies in the shape of snowmen that she herself had prepared”

A man gave food to this deer that came into his shop, and after, your entire family, that came after him

“My husband and I we chose a Christmas tree, and we saw this: oval, flat and with a hole in the middle. We couldn’t resist and we take it home”

Fur seals are cute by themselves, but see them kissing you will brighten up the day

“My son forgot his favorite toy at the grandfather’s farm. This began to send photoreports for lowering the worth of your dear grandson”

This dog likes his owner take him by the leg. You can pet him, but soon approach its owner and spread of new

“I bought my puppy a large bed that will also serve when he grows up. I thought that our cat would find out. But look what I saw today”

“During the bathroom, my dog always looks like a polar bear”

This cat loves the toys of their size

Have you ever seen a bear marino more happy?

My neighbor knows how to take care of the messengers who have to work during the christmas holidays

This dalmatian looks always with love

If you wanted to have breakfast alone, but you can’t resist such good company

Did you think that a flame could not be more cute yet? And what about a disguise of lobster?

It seems that someone has already guessed what will be allowed for Christmas

“He was dismissed from his position as a guide dog because he was too friendly. Now is an employee of a support service to people with disabilities and my new best friend”

Simply, a kangaroo that puts to warm your tummy in the sun

“My mom works in a hospital. He decided to encourage his patients for Christmas with the help of a four-legged friend. How not to hold the smile?”

“Look at how happy this puppy! Worth to give him all your lunch”

“This chick is glad of the warm that is with your new sweater”

A predator too cute and endearing, a peluchín

“My partner brought his puppy to work”

Hold the bag while she swings

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