28 People whose pain will understand only introverts

Some people believe that introverts are hermits self-conscious and have sociofobia, though in reality the only people that hard for them to communicate with the outside world. That’s why introverts love to be alone and take it with humor its quirks.

Great.guru made for you a selection of photos in which any introvert is to be recognized.

28. Every introvert who works with people who want to do this ever

27. The biggest problem of modern games

26. Comes on when you turn the sign corresponding

25. When you are introverted from your childhood

24. What you’ve stolen Christmas?

23. The first line of defense of an introvert

22. Between two evils, choose the wife

21. Do you eat your friends?

20. The perfect house of an introvert

19. Master of imitation

18. “Please, get to the 6”

17. Make sure that your boyfriend is not an introvert

16. Does this trick is allowed?

15. “I love the holidays. A feast for me is to read a book”.

14. When an introvert is tired of being polite

13. Clothing that allows you to rest of the world

12. This guy is a fucking genius!

11. Well, if even the introverts are there, it’s time to get us to think

10. Even among the cats there are introverts

9. An excellent pretext to stay at home: there are too many people out

8. When you want to go to a concert, but hate the people

7. Work space for introverts in open space

6. I’m allergic to people

5. “I’m an introvert who married an extrovert. All of our wedding photos looked like this”:

4. What is important is that there are no other areas near

3. I wish there were more benches as well

2. Yesterday I had dinner with a party wonderful

1. The hostel for an introvert

Are you extroverted or introverted? Do you have to your around some “introverts typical” that might also be in our selection?

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