28 People who never lose

Sometimes in life we have problems. Small and not so small. And there are people who in any way manage to go out victorious. And them comes out so easily that those who are around you can only exclaim: “How don’t we think of that before?”

Great.guru has compiled pictures whose protagonists are so clever as great.

28. When you wanted to go to bed, but there was a bed

27. A little bit of patience and won’t have to ask for water

26. What the house is covered in snow? There is No problem. You can save electricity by making a minibar

25. A broken shower is not a problem for a student. A bottle and duck tape solve everything

24. A solution for that hands are free

23. Perhaps, the best figure Lego. Do not bother under the feet and is useful

22. “My sister needed the headphones more than I do. In return I got this”

21. Is there a storm outside? But what aerodynamics!

20. What made you stay home? Create your own 3D cinema and you can save the day

19. There was a ladder more high, but the mobile crane is always near

18. So you can get to the machine shop

17. And so it is even more comfortable

16. When you had to finish the repair yesterday, the ingenuity and courage are essential

15. Without a doubt, five wheels are better than four

14. When in the SMS each word is important and your friend that looks good decided to rest

13. Instead of a thousand words

12. It seems that this child has just invented a new way to liberate your hands from the tablet

11. Oh Yum Yum!

10. You can’t argue that it is green

9. You still studying but at the same time you can go get something to eat

8. When you need to mix a drink, but every second counts

7. There’s only one problem. When the drink ends, you still have to get up

6. When secaste the shirt with the keys to the apartment in the pocket, but the wind was against

5. Now the neck does not sleep

4. One is annoyed by the light, the other needs a pillow. The solution is obvious

3. How many straws are needed? We are still counting

2. When it’s raining outside, but you don’t have rain boots

1. With this aim hidden of atomic physics, your teacher will surely believe that you read all the book

We are confident that you, too, on multiple occasions you have had to resolve situations extremely complicated. We are interested in reading your stories!

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