28 People who know how to give an unforgettable impression

Today it is very difficult to surprise people. A makeup or a wardrobe striking not to attract a lot of attention. But there are people who know how to impress you in such a way that it become difficult to forget.

Great.guru joined 28 photos of people who well know how to call the attention of the whole world.

“The son of my cousin is on vacation. She decided to take it to work and put on a disguise of Godzilla”.

Around the world judged this man on the bus for their attire peculiar. And your child just said: “I Love my dad”.

The last day of high school this guy put the same clothes on the first day in the kindergarten

“The first time I saw my stepbrother was after that to get drunk. I think I made a good impression.”

“My brother came to the mother and child with this costume, because I wanted to give a good impression to your nephew”.

“For my first day in high school is only an hour, the shave machine broke down. I’m going to cause an amazing impression…”

A kid disguised as ran out to the pitch during a match

“My friend made a suit of chains.”

A bikini that will impress everyone at the beach

“Mom made me this costume for the prom. I’m going to conquer all the girls.”

“I took a photo with a girl dressed up as mermaid. Although… it might have been a siren of truth.”

“I asked someone to take me food for kittens, disguised as a penguin”.

“Tomorrow I plan to go to work as well”.

“The director of our group lost a bet and now has to wear this costume”.

Funny, cool, memorable

This kid wanted to be an astronaut in IKEA and her mom offered excellent choices of costumes

A costume unforgettable

Confusing and memorable

A suit of Pac-mans

This guy ran a marathon of 11 miles dressed as a rhino and won 5500 USD in order to save these animals

When you want much but much

Sometimes what you want is variety in your clothing home

“Our boss told us that we use these costumes throughout the day.”

“You could use this hat all the time, if he had not frightened the people.”

Your dad said he knew how to do the hairstyles that she would like to

A head cat giant: a perfect look for every day

“Every year at Christmas my brother gives me this.”

Ordered a pizza while I was doing the row

Have you ever met people who know how to give an impression phenomenal? It tell us in the comments!

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