29 Things we’d rather not have ever seen

In our world live and create the geniuses of design and marketing, willing to use any kind of trick to give them a new look and functionality to their products. But sometimes designing things that seem to come out directly of a nightmare. Even so, there are and many of them are available in online stores!

Great.guru gathered for you 29 objects of this type that will cause tears. Of laughter, of course.

Juice of molluscs

Slippers with style

How can we forget this?

Slicer grapes

Socks sandals

Nose stylus

Mass mass

Ducks electric for the bathtub

Seat to the bathroom with a balance of integrated

Focus plug

Neck fastener for mobile

What smell the Internet?

Diaper thongs

For the fans of the Minions

Drinker crib

Crocodile skin

Beer mug with ringer

Goodbye, toilet paper!

Slippers freshly baked

Shower Gel with flavor to almond cookies

For those who love to take coffee in the shower


Bikini hairy

Slippers trapeadoras for pets

For those who want to learn to type with your feet

Shelf for dishes made of foam

Pizza for people with black humor

Adapter for the fingers

Hood to sleep where it is

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