29 People who did their job 100%, but do not take into account a detail

Creativity and imagination are qualities valuable, but sometimes the original solutions are not the best.

Great.guru gathered together the best examples of fun jobs where something definitely out of control.

For the people very lazy

“My friend has just bought a house. Their previous owners probably were a few geniuses”.

A lamp very strange

“The good thing is that at least I see my face in the mirror”

Got it wrong a bit

“The bathtub in my hotel is below the level of the floor.”

Now this could be considered flat-screen tv

The wall of the local pizzeria

“I saw so many different banks, but this…”

“Ready, because what I noticed”

A scarf socks: it happens in a real shop!

My relatives made a ledge very strange

IKEA believes that the rails of the toy are an excellent adornment

Gyroscope retro

How to repair lenses with what you have on hand

Already I noticed

When you need a chair for office that go with your work

Should try to put a cup of coffee on this table

Fashion sometimes gets

The previous owners used a tin to repair the floor

It is a gateway to very but very cool

For true lovers of comfort

I decided not to complicate my life with the repair

So it is okay

How could I resist such a proposal?

The world turned from head to foot

Optimization worthy of a prize

Chair of bricks

I think it does lack something, isn’t it?

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