29 People who can find a creative solution to any problem

Everyone at least once in life we had to use our guile in some strange circumstances. When something gets out of control, you can go to the safe. Or you can experiment a little.

Great.guru presents you a selection of photos of the winners in the nominations “The duct tape can do everything” and “Challenge accepted”.

Apparently, something went wrong

Ross Geller would have liked

“Buy a convertible. It will be great!”, they said to me.

My friends washed dishes a few times, but drink a lot of alcohol

It looks like the concern for the postman

Novelty in the white line: a microwave with pin

If you don’t have a micro pin, look at how you can use your irons

Dryer shoes universal

The shower of a lover of the extreme emotions

Double-system “anti-Theft”

Duct tape cures everything

Please, do not teach to the perfectionists

He almost came out well

It seems that this gate was repaired by Stanley Kubrick

To the guests as expected

“Man and hotcakes”

The self of a samurai

When you try to give elegance to your car

When you can’t resist your urge to take a coffee

If a tablet does not connect to the tv directly, I know a trick that never fails

And that all the world will wait

I don’t have time to explain! I need a bottle, duct tape and a stick

Anyway the view from this window was not so nice

Water heater, beta version

The good thing is that you don’t have to take it to wash out the inside

Timberlake is winning

How to prevent your computer to shut down or hibernate when not in use

When all you want is a cold beverage

The best way to eat Pringles

Now that you’ve seen the tricks of the others, please share yours with us in the comments!

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