29 Solutions designer that mesmerise

Anyone sorpenderías today with a comfortable design and well thought out. That’s why the creators of spaces that ignite your imagination the most and made things so awesome that you want to see or buy them right away.

Great.guru found for you 29 examples of design that simply cannot go unnoticed.

When your chess was created by an architect

Simulator of the night sky, integrated in the ceiling of the aircraft

The decoration of this floor hypnotizes

This building looks as a decoration for a movie

A tower of drawers sliding

A building with a “surprise”

A rug that turns into a coffee table

The guests do not understand how this focus

Up the common stairs can be designed in such a way that they are unforgettable

A coffee table that hides an entire city

A greenhouse unusual that it seems that it is rooted in the building

A bench built into the wall. Here fit also a large company

This sink in the form of a shell is so mesmerizing that it can even make you late for work

A house with finish mirrors

A typewriter for musicians

An original building in Senftenberg, from which opens an unusual view of the city

A wall of denim as an element of the mark

When the creators of children’s areas, they’re sick of the typical projects

One of the bus stops most amazing

Those just returning from a party should sleep on the first floor

A monument is unusual in Australia

The chandeliers in the Hard Rock Cafe looks like a guitar

Tree designer at the Victoria and Albert Museum, made of hundreds of candle holders

The curves of this staircase become a focus

A quick and easy way to see how you could see the ancient buildings

The floor that looks like lava boiling

The waiting room of a dentist

These textures on the wall look like circles in the water

The rugs in this airport look like a photo taken from a plane

What design is the one that you liked the most? Please share your opinion and stories in the comments!

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