2TB for 30 euro? Do not

December is traditionally the best month for merchants. But where a lot of people not stand still: for scammers, the holidays are the ideal period to strike a blow. And not only in seedy shops to do it, even with big boys like Amazon, you can quite doomed.

Since recently, you can via Amazon also pay with iDeal, making it a good alternative for example bol.com has become. But Amazon is only a conduit: it has no influence on what the seller eventually sent. And in the case of a usb-stick of 2 terabytes is a lot, but one thing: a usb memory stick to 2 terabytes. Unless you’re prepared more than a thousand euro to put down, of course.


Through online stores like AliExpress or Wish there are many fake products are offered, we knew for quite a while. But also through Amazon, there is no guarantee that you get the product delivered that you are thinking of have bought. And the tricky thing is: Amazon does nothing, or at least not always. The user or the seller is responsible, and not the webshop.

That leads to serious problems. 2017 bought 31 percent of the people from a handful of Western European countries (including the Netherlands) have a fake. Five percent of them did that even more than five times. And that happens not only through the Chinese web shops, but also via the us well-known.

Stay realistic

With the holidays around the corner, it is therefore important that you know what you are buying. Especially the following applies: if something seems too good to be true, it is that often also. There’s nothing wrong with koopjesjagen, but look out that it is still realistic. And a usb drive of 2TB for 30 euro, that is pretty unrealistic.

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