3 simple Exercises that will only take 3 minutes a day and slimming your legs

As they say the coaches of fitness: the most important in training is the regularity! But let’s be honest, doing exercises each day is not a thing so funny.

It is easier to begin to struggle for a perfect figure and the shapes desired , knowing that to do so you don’t have to spend a lot of time.

The short routine that invented the trainer, the american , Tracy Anderson , who works with celebrities allows you to remove the so-called “grease traps” in the knees and thighs, that even thin people have it. We will work with the front and rear of the thighs and adelgazaremos with the help of a short exercises.

Let’s not forget the bonus at the end of the article: what to do so that your legs are not so tired and swollen.

What needs to be done so that the legs are thinner

  1. Training place: bed.
  2. Training duration: 3 minutes.
  3. Beginning of training: upon waking or before sleep.
  4. Regularity: every day.

1. Strengthen the front of the thighs

Works and slimming: the front of the thighs, the knees and the belly.

Starting position: lie on your back and keep the arms along the body. Lift both legs under a right angle by placing the knee straight and the maximum and stretching the tips. Round-robin doubles and returns the leg to the starting position. Don’t forget to keep the knees together and tighten the front part of the thighs.

Repetition: 10 times for each leg.

Verification of a correct implementation: to feel internal heat in the legs.

Important: in the starting position the knees must be as straight as possible.

2. Strengthen the back of the thighs

Works and slimming: the front and back of the thighs, the knees and the belly.

The exercise consists of two parts

First part: initial position. Lie on your back, lift your legs and stretch the ends towards you as much as possible. Keep the knees together and by turns bend the legs. It is important that the tips are always in a position “to you” and tries to reach with the heels to the buttocks.

Repetition: 10 times for each leg.

Second part: as an initial position, lie on your back with your legs raised and slightly bent. Raise both legs by separating the buttocks of the bed and tightening the upper part of the legs.

Repetition: 20 times.

Verification of correct execution: the feeling of tense muscles in the back of the hip and a slight burning sensation.

3. Strengthen the inner thighs

Works and slimming: all of the upper part of the legs, buttocks and belly.

Starting position: lie on your back with both legs raised, crúzalas in such a way that the right leg is on top. Both legs will have to be placed tightly one over the other. Flex the knees toward you as if it were a “plié”. After you return to the starting position.

Important: the legs all the time are strained one over the other.

Repetition: 10 times in the position of the right leg above and 10 times in the position of the left leg on top.

Verification of correct execution: the feeling of pressure in the legs and a control knees.


Without a doubt, one of the advantages of this resort is that it is useful for those who are faced with a swelling in the legs and varicose veins.

But how do we avoid the inflammation, the pain and the tiredness in the legs if they are not related to the disease, but with an incorrect way of life: sedentary work, shoes incorrect or lack of physical activity?

The specialists speak about 3 simple rules:

  1. Walks. Yes, paradoxically, the more you walk, you will have less inflammation and pain in the legs. The key is to use some comfortable shoes. A program effective will be between 30 and 60 minutes of walking, three times a week. To have a good circulation in the blood, force yourself to walk ten minutes every two hours.
  2. Exercises for the ankles. Remember, and during the day flexed and bent at the ankles, stretching the tips toward you and away from you. This action improves the circulation of blood and does not allow you to retain excess fluid.
  3. If you practice fitness, gives preference to the aquatic exercises or swimming. The “fight” against the pressure of the water will help to not retain the excess fluid.

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