30 Alternatives to the Christmas tree that will surely not leave you indifferent

A Christmas tree decorated with bright toys, lights, and garlands, formed a spectacle of magic and color. But if this year, for some reason, you want to renounce to traditional, Great.guru brings you 30 alternatives that you can do yourself.

Looking at these ideas, maybe some will inspire you to create your own unique project. At the end of the article, I expected a special bonus.

A Christmas tree alternative printed on an enormous cloth

A collage of photos adorned with garlands

A tree minimalist in cool tones

A Christmas tree on a wall with a dark background

A tree with branches, artificial or live

Tree green with wooden toys

Another tree of wood decorated with animals and elements christmas

For fans of minimalism

A small fir tree made with a pineapple

Another Christmas tree, also printed

A tree with minimalist pieces of wood to the zen style

Alternatively, printed on a canvas

A fir tree made with sticks and pieces of trees

Christmas decoration alternative with minimalist style

Another variant of a simple tree made with wood

Branches of trees tied together and decorated with objects and toys vintage

A Christmas tree built only with lights on a wooden panel

An example of a Christmas tree alternative-based old pages of a book

Tree bright metal

Another variant of a tree in chalk on a blackboard

A tree-style alternative to the traditional

Balls bright colors hung symmetrically

Another Christmas tree drawn with chalk on a blackboard

A tree built with the photos of your loved ones

A tree christmas ornaments

Path with lights of a christmas tree

No one would think that a folding ladder could become a Christmas tree

A bright picture with christmas ornaments

Threads of colors adorning a tree with a blackboard as a backdrop

An alternative for the fans of weapons

Bonus. A compelling reason that shows why it’s more worthwhile to build your own Christmas tree alternative order Online to a store

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