30 Designers that already have a place secured in hell

Some designers exaggerate with your creative impulses. So if you ever think that you have no talent or imagination, just remember that there are people who earn money by making mistakes of design.

To keep in mind how we shouldn’t ever work, in Great.guru did for you a selection of solutions designer very, but very rare.

Someone has a notion very weird about personal space.

It was time to clarify things: the Earth is not flat nor round. The Earth is Poland.

Hmm, but who would have thought that the fabric would stretch out?

Apparently, we want to impose new standards of beauty a bit surreal

This device is so efficient that up to change the breed of your dog

Boss, I did it with much care, I just like what I asked for!

Superman is no longer the same

“The cook didn’t want to display the figurines of our wedding cake. Today we understood why.”

Miss, your blouse is looking at me weird

In theory, it was a good gift for mom

And as you grow your child, you can only alargarle the neck of the princess

This guy must be very skilled

And this yoga mat is a bit depressing

Are you sure that this was the design you wanted?

S Security

This mattress definivitamente was inspired by a feminine hygiene product

The more you view this, the more it hurts

An original selection for a ladder

Surely it took a lot of choosing the photo and thinking of the funds. Only spent a minute detail.

Because a nose is not enough

What made you life, friend?

Where you have seen ducks like this?

Apparently, it’s a trap

Happy 20170!

The Beautiful or… what about the Beast?

How it has changed the world! And even knowing we did.

It is not the best location in the design

Now imagine having to carry a chair on the other side of this hallway

Useless, but with a lot of design

Can someone explain what the fuck is going on here?

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