30 Examples of how people took the design of christmas to a higher level

The christmas atmosphere always requires a bit of magic, and, as is logical, each one of us trying to create something special for their loved ones.

Great.guru met the most outstanding examples of human creativity related to this important holiday.

30. An unusual form of holiday lights… don’t you think?

29. “I work in a photography shop in Norway. This was our postcard this year”

28. “Mom bought me this sweater for Christmas…”

27. “I converted my new blue tree in the Cookie Monster”

26. “What my brother got for Christmas can’t be worse”

25. “Wait… where is the rest of your hand?”

24. The tree that goes through a portal invisible

23. “I sent my son to school with his new sweater on christmas. I did not realize what he was doing Santa until the teacher told me when I picked him up in the afternoon”

22. “My dad is the Witness of the Lord and does not celebrate Christmas. It is as well as wraps his gifts each year: How to have a winter season of gift-giving successful, non-conventional and capitalist!”

21. “You can tell how many years has a tree just by counting the lines of the tape on the box”

20. “My brother-in-law broke his neck, but not his christmas spirit”

19. “The sweater christmas hand made by my 11 year old son”

18. “You know that you work in a hospital when the christmas decorations look like that”

17. Or, if you are a student of medicine poor…

16. “I think my parents only know that I love the color green and hate the cold. Here are my gifts for the past 5 years”

15. “A classic style christmas”

14. “The supreme technique of my husband wrapping gifts”

13. The best sweater of all time!

12. A Christmas tree in Australia

11. Not all the trees should be beautiful

10. “My dad is an ob / gyn and they called him on Christmas day. So it was to serve their patients in the morning”

9. A tree floating

8. “My beard loves Christmas more than I do”

7. “A ’little’ christmas village that puts my mom in every season”

6. “My parents thought it would be funny to put this on my plate during Christmas dinner. Had reason to”

5. “My room neighbor celebrates Christmas. I celebrate Hannukah… we Decided to come to an agreement”

4. Sometimes you can receive the best wishes of someone in a way completely unexpected

3. “A friend of mine is a teacher of chemistry”

2. A family photo

1. It tree safe from cats!

Have you ever created something special with your friends or family for the holidays? Please share photos of your celebration in the comments!

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