30 historical Photographs that will transport you back to times past

The photographs presented in this article are testimonies dumb of the most important events of the story. They have absorbed the atmosphere of times that will never be repeated. Thanks to these images, we can make a little trip to the past, to penetrate into every moment captured and be the witnesses of great events.

Great.guru collected a new collection of photographs archived. Before making a tour through the past, help yourself to a cup of hot tea to make your travel time more comfortable.

30. Irish children make fun of british soldiers in Derry, northern Ireland, 1972

29. Helen, telephone operator-american, Montana, 1925

28. French soldiers eat in the police station in Nevia after spending days in the trenches under a torrential rain, France, 1915

27. Victory of Muhammad Ali by tko in the third round against Cleveland Williams, 1966

26. Rally fascist in the “Cathedral of light”, 1937

25. Kurt Cobain holds a cigar to the Ronald McDonald, Singapore, 1992

24. Bombers North American B-25 Mitchell flying close to the volcano Vesuvius in eruption, Italy, 1944

23. Mortars. The photo was made by a british photographer during wwi, 1917

22. The lieutenant Custer and allied forces, U.S., 1862 (colored photograph)

21. Ebony magazine was what it would look like Michael Jackson in the year 2000, 1985

20. Resistance pioneers, Leningrad, 1937

19. Funeral of John Kennedy in the Capitol, 1963

18. First interracial marriage in Mississippi, 1970

17. Sit-in protest in Greensboro, North Carolina, 1960

16. Rosa Shanina was one of the best francotiradoras soviet, 1943

15. Men celebrate the cancellation of the Dry Law, USA, 1933

14. The chinese woman Ruth Lee placed a flag of his country for fear of being identified as japanese on a beach in Miami, December 15, 1941 (colored photo)

13. Rally against nazism in New York city, Madison Square Garden, 1937

12. The first man to set foot on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, I turn on a pure, 1969

11. Day of action of thanks in the front, Second World War (colored photograph)

10. Winston Churchill and Charles Chaplin in the filming of the movie “city Lights”, 1929 (colored photograph)

9. Crowd of people celebrate in Times Square the capitulation of Germany, may 7, 1945

8. Market Hebrew, Upper East Side, New York, 1895 (colored photograph)

7. Hiroshima before and after atomic bombing, August 6, 1945

6. Newlyweds, hat adorned with feathers for luck. Krakow, Poland, 1912

5. View of Boston. The picture oldest preserved photograph from the sky, October 13, 1860

4. Girl trying to cut a sunbeam, 1886

3. Muslim hiding the yellow star of her friend jewish, Sarajevo, 1941

2. Day of the veterans of the Reich, 1939

1. Anne’s father, Otto Frank, returned to the attic where they hid from the fascists, 1960

Soviet soldiers throw the flags of the Third Reich in front of the mausoleum of Lenin during the Victory Parade, 24 June 1945

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